Writing Investigations

Throughout the school year, I have been modifying old “labs” and making them “investigations”, or developing some new ones from scratch. The process I use is this (which is not solely my own, but a modification of the process from the Argument Driven Inquiry books):

1. Develop a catchy title, if possible. I’m trying to make the investigations more relatable to the students.

2. Develop a guiding question.

3. Provide a list of materials and equipment available for student use.

4. The students develop their own investigation, which has to be teacher approved before they put their hands on any materials.

5. Students have a set amount of time to investigate.

6. The goal is for the students to gather sufficient and relevant data to answer the guiding question and write a claim, evidence, and reasoning.

7. I collect their CER on paper or via a Google Form.

Here is an example: