New Pages on the Website

Hello, All! I have decided to be brave and start developing pages of my unit resources. These are just my quick ideas and I am constantly changing them. I would love any feedback/suggestions/additional resources or ideas from anyone. My Unit 1 for next year is posted:

3 thoughts on “New Pages on the Website

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  2. Would you tell me about how much the materials for the solar water heater cost and if you would change anything? I have 3 chemistry classes next year and I would like to try it out.
    Thanks, Laura Hier


    • Laura,
      This was a resource I had intended on using this year, but I changed positions and became an instructional coach. Therefore, I am unable to provide that information. If you decide to do it, please let me know how it goes..perhaps you could write a guest blog? Or do you blog already? It would be helpful to other teachers perhaps interested in it. I am sorry I can not be more helpful. Thanks for visiting the blog!


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